Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Facebook Advertising – before jumping on the bandwagon

Here it is… Just another blog post about how to effectively use social media advertising – or is it? I’ve used social media advertising, I like it.
We all know that social media helps build credibility by using the right channel to communicate to potential customers or clients. Designing and maintaining your page may not get the attention it deserves because only 16% of your fans will see your posts, so Facebook advertising may be of interest to you.
Before adding social media advertising into your Marketing Plan, consider the following:

What’s your objective?

If you want to increase your Facebook fans just for the sake of it, you may be thinking of it the wrong way. While brand awareness is a good thing, if you don’t develop your content to keep those fans, you’ll hurt your brand rather than help it.

Other objectives include: Increasing sales, announcing your latest promotion to increase public interest, and increase participation for your next event.

Does your content speak volumes to your consumers?

Do you have the right kind of content to keep your fans interested? Your fans can become your brand advocate, they may post on your behalf, so you want to make sure that you are giving them something they’ll want to share.

Advertising on Facebook can happen in a couple different ways; you can boost your post, and create an ad with your brand’s image and slogan. Not only does that post need to be intriguing and your brand image visually captivating, but the remainder of your engagement must uphold the same standards.

Are you prepared to track your progress?

Facebook fan pages have an analytic tool which makes it easy for anyone to track page progress. After you've detailed your objectives and have implemented a strategy, then you need to track the results. If the results of the strategy aligns with the objectives you have set, then you have run a successful campaign.

Great job! Can you do it again?

Is it worth it?

You tell me.


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