Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday Favorites #TBT

Throwback Thursday is a weekly opportunity for individuals, brands, and celebrities to remember the past, positively and humorously. It a great opportunity for your brand to have fun, and tell stories about the moments.
If you want to know more about how Throwback Thursday, also known as #TBT, can help brand you business. SocialMedia Today posted an article about just that.

In the meantime, I have gathered some of my favorite moments of the day. Happy #TBT.
Dangerous Minds was released in 1995, but that's not what I found on  Facebook. Coolio posted a photo of himself and Michelle Pfeiffer, remember Gangsta’s Paradise? The theme song from the movie. I dare you to dust off the VHS and watch it this evening.

In case you need a reminder of the song itself, I have taken the liberty of posting it here:

A historical moment,the Cassette Tape turns 50 today! Just in time for Throwback Thursday a classic moment.

Remember mixed tapes, recording your voice, or your favorite songs on the radio? Remember how quickly you had to stop the recording just before the announcer came back on the air?
DavidSpade posted this photo on his Facebook timeline.

Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, and David Spade
They look so young and innocent.

Funny guy Jimmy Fallon turned 39 today. In honor of his birthday, Huffington PostComedy posted gifs, and coincidentally there are some oldies, but goodies.

Well, that's that for today. Stay tuned next week for version 2 of Throwback Thursday favorites.

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