Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Facebook Page Design Changes - What You Need To Know


Facebook’s Fan Pages have received a facelift, yes – again!
The changes are cleaner and more streamlined, allowing admins to access the information that they use the most, more quickly and efficiently.
Here are the changes to consider:
  1. The Timeline is located in one column to the right of the page whereas the information about your business is located to the left rather than at the top of the page. This favors fluidity.
  2. Key admin tools are available wherever you are on the page. The This Week section to the right of the page tells you what ads you are running, if any, includes Likes, reach, and unread notifications. Insights, something which all admins must be able to access at any given time, is located at the top of the cover image and offers direct access to your activity log, insights, and settings.
  3. The Page to Watch option on your page gives direct information on your competitors, compare their performance to yours, and offers key statistics on those pages.

These changes are mostly visual; however, take a look at the cover image on the page – it has been slightly redesigned as well.

Have you updated your cover image yet?

Fret not; there are various sites that provide accurate measurements, so you can create an engaging and visually appealing cover image.

OR, you can get a template HERE.

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