Friday, May 30, 2014

Increase Engagement on Social Media by Being Human
6 Reasons to Make Your Business Human on Social Media,
Making your brand more relatable is not only doable, but it's a smart strategy to implement especially in today's market.

After reading the following article on, not only do I agree with most of the author's reasons to make your business more human on Social - but I practice it in my own social media strategy.

While I understand that businesses need to make a profit - for obvious reasons that can be left unsaid without compromising my message - social media ROI is very difficult to measure in some cases; therefore, should only be used to build credibility and awareness in your respective market.

So what type of posts almost guarantee engagement?

Human Interest, humor, and being relatable to your target market.

This is not to say that you shouldn't be marketing your business on social - rather, you must balance the content to avoid being too sales-y. Only then will you be able to build true brand advocates and increase your influence in the market.

This brings me to the following point in the article:
"4. Asking for favors becomes easier. Likes and shares on Facebook, and ReTweets on Twitter, are examples of social media organically promoting good content. It is, essentially, a form of peer-to-peer endorsement. Requesting likes and shares is a common practice that can greatly amplify your content. The request is friendlier, more sincere and reasonable coming from a human with whom people have interacted. That increases the response rate."
When posting content, requesting engagement is now considered poor practice. Instead, focus on creating quality content, sharing related articles, and becoming more human - your followers will WANT to share your content if done correctly.

(End preach)

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