Thursday, May 29, 2014

Don’t Succumb to the Dark Side of Buying Social Media Followers

Paying for followers is the unspoken ‘dark side’ of social media.

While numbers do matter, it’s the authenticity of the content that will earn true advocates.

The more followers you have the more influence you have in the market.

However, fake followers may mean that those accounts are potentially fake, or hacked.

Bots are also widely popular, mostly on Twitter – it detects keywords to ‘Favorite’ tweets and potentially earns new followers.

There are however some issues that may compromise your account’s integrity if you decide to buy your followers instead of earning them.
·       The content of the tweet may not be something the company favors – but the detection of the word will force the bot to Favorite that tweet
·       Bots do not guarantee a follow
·       It’s deceiving and harmful to your brand, it will come back to haunt you
Instagram recently purged their database for fake accounts and deleted them, it’s only a matter of time until Twitter and Facebook do the same.

When that does happen, the followers that you have bought may be significantly reduced – forcing you to start over and not to mention wasting your marketing budget.

Earned followers is much more gratifying than buying fake followers – invest in social advertising like promoted posts or promoted accounts instead.

Bottom line – just don't do it.

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