Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A Blessing In Disguise

Just like relationships, when moving to a new home, we err on the side of comparison. While this may differ from comparing a present relationship with the last, it is significantly the same – theoretically speaking.

It’s certainly no small task; a move – whether big or small – is still a move. It takes time, effort, and emotional and physical energy. Sometimes, moving from one home to another is more emotional when it was once a place of comfort, joy, and endless memories. In other cases, the space provided none of the aforementioned emotions; therefore, it is easier to depart.

After my recent move, second one this year, comparing one home from the last came naturally. I wasn’t in my last home long enough to declare it a home, rather – it was a place to lay my head.

In an effort to ease the transition, I have compiled a list of things that I like better than my last house:

I don’t have to squint when I watch television. Furthermore, there is no reflection in my television during daytime Netflix marathons.

The trip to my bathroom is shorter. Even though I cannot fit my three tiered Rubbermaid organizer into the bathroom, the vanity is brand new and I have a medicine cabinet to hide stuff.

I also don't need to contemplate if going to the washroom is absolutely necessary, it's within 20 steps wherever I am in my apartment.

My dishwasher is a powerhouse, and it cleans in less time. It’s more powerful than the last, yet holds just as many dishes.

My balcony holds my BBQ quite nicely. Confession: I haven’t used my BBQ yet, and I don’t have a propane tank for it yet either, but just having it on my balcony makes me happy (I’m weird, I know)

My bedroom closet is just as big. Compromising on less space in my closet is NOT something I am fond of doing, thankfully, I didn’t have to.

Its size is comforting. After spending only a week in my new apartment, I feel more comfortable in the space than I ever did in my last house, EVER!

My Monster is ACTUALLY using his room to sleep and play. He’s certainly making use of the space and I’m not paying for the extra room for nothing.

I didn’t expect to have to move again this year; however, what seemed like an unfortunate circumstance actually turned into a blessing. Not only are we both more comfortable in our new environment, but I no longer have to deal with a slumlord.

It's a win win.

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