Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Move - Two Weeks Later

Just a little over two weeks ago, I made a decision to uproot my life, my home, and even my overall environment. I moved from what I used to call The Big City to a small town in Southeastern Manitoba – a decision that was pre-medicated however, sudden to the public eye.

I had three days to pack, one day to move, and I have yet to become adjusted and acquainted with my new surroundings.

Once the dust settled, I was left anxious and uneasy with my new surroundings.

But why, you ask?

I gather that since I have explained that the move was pre-meditated that I would have had the chance to ready my mind for the transition. Not entirely. How can you really prepare yourself for something that hasn’t happened yet? It applies to most things in life, including the move to a new residence.

Adjustment #1 – City to Country

After living in the city for the last eight years, I became accustomed to pizza or Chinese food delivery options, 24 hour convenience stores, and impromptu nights out with friends. Of course, I’m not far – some even consider my town a suburb of Winnipeg – but nothing can be further from the truth.

Since I lived in the country for 18 years – living proof that you can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl – I underestimated the adjustment period.

While there were certain characteristics that I would always carry with me, such as my love of pickup trucks and my ability to rough it in the campground – I had turned into a conformed city girl.

For a moment, after my move back to the country, I feared losing myself in the process.

Adjustment #2 – Apartment to House

It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to provide ample space for my monster to play, indoors and out, an extension of living space to the outdoors is a blessing – in disguise however.

I was ignorant in the amount of work that it took to maintain a yard - especially one that was not maintained previously.

From the outside to the inside, everything is different. I no longer have wall to wall carpet, I have hardwood floors - yet another dream realized. Along with changes beneath my feet, a dish washing, clothes washing and drying apparatus came along with my new home - words cannot express the sheer bliss.

Yet nothing feels like home.

Even though my furniture journeyed 20kms to my new home, the disconnection is making these pieces seem unfamiliar to me – even though, it’s only the surroundings that have changed.

Unfortunately, things are not always cut throat, whether things have been planned or not, every aspect of life takes adjustment. A new job, a new relationship, even a new home - regardless how much we wanted it in the first place.

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  1. Totally feel you sister. I am in feeling the icks of transition right at this moment. A little different of a situation but this piece still resonates with me. I am loving your blog! :) Hope to see you soon to catch up some time. Take care girl!!!