Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Kicking off the Festival season the right way!

I love music, I've said it before, I should have been a musician. Perhaps I may have been one in my past life. Music is therapeutic to me. Every year, I promise myself that I will be more cultural and take in as many music festivals as I can. As the year comes to an end, the festival season has come and gone, thus missing my chance to take in the different cultures in Winnipeg.

So what makes this year different from all the others? When I was introduced to the PR industry, I came to realize that there is some PR work to be done in the music festival industry. Winnipeg is the music festival capital (in my opinion anyway). This was my opportunity to showcase my PR skills in an industry in which I have developed a passion.

An opportunity came up to volunteer some Public Relations services with the Back 40 Folk Festival, held in Morden, Manitoba annually. I jumped in with two feet and no life jacket. I've had some volunteer experience doing media relations so I thought I would expand my skills into another project. I had no idea that I would enjoy it as much as I did.

I was asked to interview three artists and write profile pieces, to be posted  on the festival's website. I had never done this before either, my interviewing skills were not developed, but I am an expert of being able to think on my feet. And by being curious in nature, I had no problems probing questions to get every little bit of detail out of these artists. Steve Keys & the Space Trannys were my first victims, their relaxed and calm nature made me feel at ease.
My next interview was with Aaron Burnett. There are no words to explain his enthusiasm in regards to his music. I could have talked to him for hours, he is inspiring to say the least. Meeting him in person at the Back 40 Music Festival was an honor.

Aaron Burnett
Then there was Sweet Alibi, who have been exploding all over the music scene in Canada. To think that they've only started playing together less than three years ago, there clearly is talent worth listening to.

The day the event took place, on Sunday June 3, the weather decided to tease us a bit. Not knowing which way it was going to go, I packed the umbrella and wore layers. The atmosphere was calm and inviting. The kid friendly festival had great children's activities including a balloon animal maker on site. My  son and nephew were happy.

My first experience this year at a music festival was short lived; however, it is an experience that has got me hooked to the festival season here in Manitoba. I've already started planning out my summer by making note of all the festivals that have peaked my interest.

Sometimes, all I need is a little reminder of the little things that make me happy, even if I don't quite know what they are yet.

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