Tuesday, June 05, 2012

We've got Swag!!

A cloudy beginning to a full day of outdoor activities; although, I wasn't concerned that the forecast did call for 60% chance of showers. I was hopeful that the sun would peak through the clouds and give us warmth... perhaps even a tan.
My first commitment of the day was meeting Marlo Boux at the Bomber Stadium for open training camp. I had been following Marlo on Twitter for some time and when she tweeted that she was attending the practice, I didn't hesitate to tweet back that I would join her there.  I am always eager to meet new people, especially another Bomber fan.

The spectator line up was surprisingly long for an early Sunday morning, but Bomber fans are always there to support the boys when they start the season and throughout. Marlo was delightful, just like I expected. I enjoyed meeting her, perhaps I'll even catch a game with her this season.

There were a few short speeches before the boys took to the field for the official training camp start at 10:30AM. Speeches from Greg Selinger, the Premier of Manitoba, along with coach Paul LaPolice, who gave his appreciation to the fans for coming out to celebrate the start of the practice season.

Winnipeggers can attend training camp this week at the stadium for free. The players will be on the field every morning, those that choose to attend are certainly welcome to come support them.

It's going to be another great season this year, let's take it to the cup boys. We've got SWAG!

The Premier of Manitba, addressing the crowd
Buck Pierce - QB

There was an approximate 7,500 fans that attended this event, I'd say that coach Paul LaPolice was a success with promoting the kick off to training camp.

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