Monday, April 21, 2014

No, you ask them!

After spending four days with my family: parents, siblings, and our offspring, over the Easter Long Weekend - many things occurred to me, but there is one thing that stuck out...

Much like we will always be our parents' little girls, they will always be our parents - regardless of our age, or how many children we produced.

My sister and I decided that it was time that we go out, have a drink, and attempt a good time - sans children. Her husband had to work and the kids were sleeping, one thing that was left to do is ask our folks to sit for us while we ventured out into Thunder Bay venues.

It suddenly felt as though we were asking for permission to go out; imagine that, two grown-ass women in their 30s asking mommy and daddy if it's ok to go out and play.

As comical as it sounds, we had to consider all the variables. They were on vacation and we were the ones leaving the comforts of home for an alcohol induced coma afterwards. Also, considering their mood that evening (overly tired), we felt we were not in the right place to ask for such a favor at that time.

What did we do?

At first it was a game of rock, paper, scissors - who was going to ask the question of the day - can you watch our munchkins while we go out for some fun? It quickly turned into - ask your husband to drop a subtle hint that we were at least thinking of going out.

We exchanged occasional profound, prolonged glances throughout the day, followed by lip reading, head nods, and when the message wasn't received well, we settled for texting one another while in the same room.

We pulled out all the stops, sisters will always be sisters.

Eventually, I was volun-TOLD to ask the folks to watch our kids, or at least listen out for them because they were in bed and sleeping by the time we decided to go out.

We also tried asking dad, but he just told us to ask mom. We stopped that vicious cycle before it began and asked them when they were both in the same room.

I set the way for my sisters growing up - some things will never change.

We had a good time, regardless of the lack of on-stage talent. It had been too long since my sister and I had gone out for a drink together.

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