Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm Cheating On You, Winnipeg

Typically, when you take a break from the relationship that you're in, that means that you're just a hop, skip, and a jump away from a break-up. Not in this case. Easter weekend is coming up, and my family has decided to flee the nest for the weekend - and I'm going along for the ride.

We're heading to Thunder Bay for a long-overdue visit. Perhaps we'll take in some of the sights, restaurants, and limited shopping locations. It is certainly a smaller city than Winnipeg; nevertheless, it's going to be a short visit.

The Sleeping Giant
In the past, I would purposely escape the city in an effort to appreciate it more upon my return. I disliked the weather (of course), I was sick of the men that resided here (I was jaded), and I was struggling to find my way, my passion, and my path. Fortunately, this is no longer the case - I've fallen in love with Winnipeg and all its faults, the drama, but more importantly all its glory.

Granted, there are things that we wish we could change about one another. The weather is anything but pleasant for the better part of the year, its potholes compromise my ability to navigate the streets with ease, and I may be a little too eager to point out its political flaws. On the plus side, cost of living is affordable, making new friends is easy, and it really does take twenty minutes or less to get to your destination - unless of course it's rush hour, or snow has fallen.

So why do I love this city so much?

It has been my home for over a decade now, the longest relationship that I have ever had, and it's only getting better. There's always something to do, charitable events, sports, and an unlimited number of chic dining and live music venues.

Let's not forget about the summer festivals, Winnipeg is home of diverse festivals: comedy, music, and theatre. We are known as the 'Cultural Cradle of Canada' - what's not to love?!

There's so much to look forward to...

The JUNO Awards were here recently, and in 2015 we will host the Grey Cup. Our city is vibrant, despite what any pessimistic local says. We have a new football stadium, Osborne Village, and the trendy Exchange District, but these are just a few of the great attractions - all underappreciated.

Investors Group Field - Home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
I'm leaving this wonderful city, not because it's necessary. Thunder Bay won't be the same, I will miss you Winnipeg, but the time apart will do us some good.

Perhaps your weather system will have time to think about what it's done to me, and to the rest of the civilians.

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