Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stopping the Bullies Together #PinkShirtDay

I was teased when I was a kid, and throughout most of my teen years. While I’d like to think that it has made me more self-aware and gentler adult, it never occurred to me back then that that would make me who I am today. I remember that oftentimes I would eat lunch alone, saddened that I didn’t have a friend sit with me and yet not wanting anyone to console my sadness.

When I was sad, I wanted to be left alone.
As a mother, I see the effects that it has on my child and his spirit. It must’ve been the same feeling my mother had, helplessness. All I can offer is guidance and comfort; I cannot make the bullies go away.
When it comes to bullying, as a nation, we must stand together. Far too often, the media reveals yet another story of bullied children or teens that have ended their lives because of cyber or in-school bullying. They feel worthless, depressed, and alone – but they are NOT alone.

On a day like Pink Shirt Day, we unite as a nation to make a stand against bullies – whether they are children or adults, we will not stand by watching. We have a voice, use it.
Create an anti-bullying campaign in your school, office, or worksite.

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