Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pinterest for your Business!

It grew faster than Twitter and Facebook. Within two years since its launch, Pinterest had 10.4 million users worldwide, it's the fastest growing social media platform of all time. Primarily dominated by women.
Pinterest has many uses. It can help increase sales, customer engagement, and drive more people to your website. The basic concept of Pinterest's social media platform is that it allows users to 'pin' photos onto what we call 'boards' which is linked directly from the website that it has been taken from.

With that in mind, 80% of 'pins' are 'repins' which are pinned from other users boards, and with 10.4 million users, there are no limits to where your photos will end up.
Did you know...

That you can use the infamous hashtag on the description of your post? Hashtagging your posts on Pinterest allows them to become part of the search engine database. In this case, the broader the hashtag the better the exposure.
Pinterest is excellent for retailers, or any business where you can buy products or services online. The concept of sharing photos with its availability for 'repinning' may generate more traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales.

But what if you can't buy your product online? The answer to this question is a matter of opinion. Piinterest doesn't just generate more viewership on your website in order to increase sells, it gives exposure to your brand and the products that you sell in store. So it is still good practice to create your own account and expose your business on Pinterest.
By using visually appealing photos from your website, rich content from your blog, and credible information, your business can be a success on Pinterest. Use hashtags, organize your boards appropriately, and create a call to action on every 'pin'.

If you would like some more information or help with setting up your own personal business Pinterest account, contact me for more details.

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