Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Survival Guide - Part 2 - Kitchen Etiquette, if any

It's dinnertime in my house. One of my many challenges is trying to choose a nutritious meal that takes little to no effort to make. If this, on its own, was my only challenge, I'd say life would be fairly boring.I can't say that I am at all deprived of food, I eat. How I do it and what I eat leaves little to be desired, but it works for me.

What happens in the kitchen?

Every meal I make, if you can call it that, is treated as though I have better things to do than being in the kitchen. And I'm being completely honest here. Why spend an hour in the kitchen when you can spend it with friends chatting, while waiting for a meal?

Cereals are quick, so is KD; to a bachelor, it IS considered a complete meal. That said, Mac and Cheese is typically eaten over the stove, with the spoon I used to prepare it with. Don't judge me - it really does taste better that way. The most minimal use of pots, pans, or any cutlery for that matter is best. I don't want to be bothered to stand at the sink to do a load of dishes for an hour - I have better things to do.

There have been weeks when my dinner consisted of a buttery salty substance, eloquently named, popcorn! I'm very fond of my popcorn suppers - if only to avoid washing dishes.

On that note, cleaning

I have a lazy approach to kitchen keep up. If the above mentioned wasn't an indication of my laziness when it comes to doing things in the home, then this certainly will be. Let's talk about my kitchen cleaning etiquette, if any.

First and foremost, I loathe washing, drying, and putting away dishes. My routine for doing them varies on the mood that I am in. Most of the time, I have good intentions, so I pour a sink full of water to give them sufficient soaking time however, I fail to realize it they are still there until the next day, when the water is cold and there are food particles floating. GROSS.

After properly draining and rinsing the sink, while wearing gloves, I try again. It's been done an excess of four times before I actually complete this task. 

What happened to me?

As I grew out of the new mom stage, I learned how to be efficient. I went from nurturing a home and a baby to dealing with a picky eater with attitude. When the monster is home, the fridge is stocked with his favorite food, and dinners will revolve around him. When he's not, I'm perfectly content with popcorn for dinner, a gallon of milk to wet the whistle, and coffee to get me going.

Priorities shifted; the only things that need doing get done. Cleaning and the like only occurs when my motherly instincts kick in - typically only when he's home.

I have faith that once, if any, I assume the role of wife and mother that my man will need to help out around the house - just a gut feeling.

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